Connecting DWM1001 module to ESP32

Hello, we are trying to establish a serial connection between a DWM1001-DEVkit and an ESP32-WROOM-32UE. The goal is to have these two work as a receiver/transmitter pair (the DWM will receive data and will pass that received data to the ESP which then transmits it via wifi).

I’ve been following the Firmware User Guide and the quick start gateway deployment guide quick start gateway deployment guide for the DWM.

It only describes a serial connection between the DWM and a Raspberry Pi, but we would like to connect the DWM directly to the ESP. Do any guides exist which address this issue specifically?

Hi @JJennings
you can connect the DWM1001 to ESP32-WROOM-32UE without any problems. Is it not just limited to RPi.

Note: You are mentioning Firmware user guide and Quick start gateway development guide - these guides are related to the PANS Firmware. For PANS the bridge can be realized only with Raspberry 3B version (and it uses SPI interface). However AN/TN can be connected to the ESP32.


Thank you, these were the only documents we’ve been referencing.

Is there a driver library or source code available for ESP32?

Hi all;
Did you manage connection between esp32 firmware to dwm1001 ?. please share me the code or guide .
Await for reply .

When you say “AN/TN can be connected to ESP32”, can you elaborate it a bit more please?

Hi @arpitpatel901
what do you need to know more - the AN/TN does have universal interface’s UART/SPI with binary API. So you can connect them to any host MCU.