Connecting DWM1001-DEV with Windows 10 as a Bluetooth Device

I’m trying to connect the DWM1001-DEV to my Windows 10 computer using Bluetooth. When I go to settings/Bluetooth in Windows and attempt to add the device, the device is found and the blue LED on the board stays blue for 2-5 seconds and then connection fails and says “Try connecting your device again”.

Has anyone been able to connect to these via Windows 10/Bluetooth?
I’ve been successfully working with them via USB to Serial & Putty but I’m looking to transition to a remote connection and write some code but I won’t get very far if I can’t connect to the board.

So far I’ve been using the PANS firmware (latest version) that I updated the boards to when I got them.


Hi Chris,

you will need to enable notification on the module within 10s from the initial connection else the module will automatically disconnect. See also this post for more information: How to get distance data using BLE