Connecting DWM1001-DEV to TREK1000


We have one DWM1001-DEV and we could send/receive some basic commands via API with this kit working alone.
Now, we want to use this kit as a TAG with Anchors and test commands related UWB Decawave protocol. (we do not understand how exactly is named this protocol)

For Anchors we have only a TREK1000 kit, with 4xEVB1000.
Can we connect the DWM1001-DEV as TAG (configuring via commands) with EVB1000 anchors(just configuring via DIP-switches)? (using all with standard firmwares)

Let me know if we are thinking correct. It seems that command dwm_anchor_list_get must return anchors in neighborhood, but it applies to when we have Anchors with EVB1000?

The answer for this questions would help us so much.
Anderson Oliveira

Hi Anderson,
This is not possible. The RTLS code running on DWM1001 (known as PANS) will not work with TREK1000. The DW1000 Radio is the same on both hardware but the software is very different. To expand you anchor count you will need more DWM1001’s