Connect to listener over Bluetooth?

I’m completely new to all of this, using the DWM1001c evaluation kit, but it’s been fun and educational so far!

One issue I’ve run into is that when I go into another room and the tag loses sight of the listener (which is hooked up to my laptop, a MacBook, and streaming results to a Cassandra db instance), it stops recording its location.

Reading up, it looks like implementing multiple gateways is the way to handle this, so they can report tag locations over the network to a central system to record the results. However, that involves getting raspberry pis and soldering them together, which is way above my current comfort level.

So, I was hoping I could just have the listeners connect to my computer over Bluetooth and report their location data that way, like in the Android app. I tried going through the Android app source code, but couldn’t see how it’s connecting to the devices over Bluetooth. I’m not sure why my computer doesn’t see the listeners to connect to them over Bluetooth.

Is there something special I’m supposed to do? Can anyone help a complete novice get his footing with this stuff? I’m happy to answer any questions and provide more info. Thanks in advance!

Hi @JonathanBowman
sorry, the listener support only shell output. There is no workaround here except build some UART/BLE bridge with some HW modules from 3rd party.


@leapslabs thanks for replying!

I might be completely misunderstanding how it works, but my current setup is I have a Mac connected to the listener over USB, and I’m running a program called Serial that creates a virtual serial port, and then I connect to it through UART shell and use the les command to read the received tag data.

I noticed in Serial it can also create virtual serial ports for devices connected via the Bluetooth adapter, so I wondered if that would still allow me to get at the UART shell, but without the USB cable.

Do you know how their Android app is able to connect to the tag over Bluetooth and read its data wirelessly? I can walk around with an Android tablet and see the tags position everywhere, so it’s getting its location info from somewhere, and I assume it’s the tag…so is the Android device acting as a “listener”?

Hi @JonathanBowman
the Listener itself is kind of remnant from PANS 1.0 and we keep it there for more or less debugging purposes. That is the reason why there is only shell output. However as the rpi is quite unavailable the listener function is not popular.

There is no way how to create UART over BLE with listener.

Re Android app) The API + workflow are described in this document DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf and you can also download the source code of the Android app. You can find it here MDEK1001 Development Kit - Decawave