Connect a MPU-2950 Sensor to DWM1001-DEV board


I’d like to connect a MPU-2950 sensor (accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope).

Based on this example, I need connect:

  • VCC (3V3)
  • GND
  • SCL
  • SDA


As I could noticed, I have these signals available on board:

  • VCC (3V3) - J2 Connector
  • GND - RPI Header, J1 (Battery Connection)
  • SCL - M PIN 15 (PIN 6 of J7 Connector)
  • SDA - M PIN 14 (PIN 5 of J7 Connector)

Once connected, I use dwm_i2c_write and dwm_i2c_read to access the sensor.

Is this correct?


Do you want an interrupt line? MPU-9250 pin 12 INT?

This is useful to know when new data is available from the MPU-9250, or to use the “wake on shake” features for lower power consumption.

If you’d like a tag device with an already integrated MPU-9250, consider this:

It would take a small port to run your code on a DWTAG versus a DWM1001, but it uses the exact same processor (Nordic nRF52832) so it is mostly a pin out adjustment. Has a built in battery and RGB LED as well.

The MPU-9250 provides a lot of interesting capability to tags above what an accel can do. You can now get orientation from the sensor along with location from UWB. Adding an IMU algorithm also provides inertial nav features which can reduce location noise and reduce UWB jumps.

BTW: MPU-9250 is obsolete and in very short supply, so not a long term solution. TDK bought InvenSense and came out with a replacement part, ICM-20948. Very similar part, but ICM-20948 does not tolerate 3.3V IO, must be 1.8V IO, which makes it somewhat harder to use in some cases. My understanding is that the DWM1001-DEV is a 3.3V IO device.

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