Connect a DW3000 module to an iPhone


We want to order a DW3000 module and connect it through SPI to a PIC18 MCU, we would like to connect the DW3000 module to an iPhone for TWR and other operations, on the development kit there is the NIQ library to do just that, but not on the bare module, so we are stuck on finding what is in the UWBConfigData part of the “Accessory Configuration Data” frame.

Do you have any informations on that ? Or libraries we could use on the PIC18 that would achieve this result ?



it is possible. there is scattered information about it here on this forum, for example here (Apple NI Configuration Data Frame - #32 by br1).
if you want to implement ranging with iPhones there is no way around buying the FIRA standard though.

Thanks for the info, I guess we gonna do some reverse engineering then, it’s such a shame that they make you pay for that.

How sure are you about what you found on the other post ? About the last 2 bytes being the MAC (I understood that to be the “Short address” part) ?

I’m sure. I implemented ranging with the iPhone and it works. As I said, you will have no chance to reverse engineer everything (I tried), for the encryption/authentication schemes you need the FIRA documentation.

I’ll just need TWR and maybe TDoA, do I need authentication for that ? Or maybe more precisely, what cases do you need authentication for ?

If you want to communicate with an iPhone you need to follow the FIRA standard. It defines a method for deriving the keys for STS (scrambled timestamp sequence, a feature of the DW3000) and encrypted message payload.