Configuration of anchors and tags in a space

let’s say i have a large area to cover and i want to configure 6 anchors, 2 tags and a listener.
By large i mean that we could not use the android app to do the configuration because i tested the android app many times and the bluetooth range is very short ( just some meters, less than 6 meters sometimes) .
So how can i do the configuration ? do i have to link every unit to the PC and use the commands?
and which commands are they for every mode: tag, anchor, listener?
and if so how exacly can we establish a configuration of the anchors and do like auto measuring on the PC or do we have to give some estimated distances our selfs?
there is no link to this matters in the documentation of the kit. please help

Hi Amhed,

Please have a look at the dwm1001_system_overview, dwm1001_firmware_user_guide and dwm1001_api_guide documentation.

If you cannot configure devices over BLE, then it must be done over UART or SPI. This is covered in the firmware user guide and api-guide.

The autopositioning feature is only available with the android application and it required BLE in addition to UWB. This feature is for demonstration only and will not cover large areas. For large areas, the user has to configure anchors coordinates manually after measuring them (using a laser distance measurer for example)


Hi Yves,

Could you numerically tell me how far the available range of autopositioning is?



Hi Klamata,

Sorry, we don’t have such metric as it is BLE dependent. Maybe check with nordic to see what range they would expect for the nrf52832 over BLE ?