Component selection for angle of arrival

I am new to the world to UWB beacons and Decawave . I am planning to make a rig for angle of arrival(AoA/PdoA) calculation using DWM 1001. I am aware pf papers that uses hardware sync to calculate PdoA.
I am looking more of software solution sync time of Two DWM 1001 anchor then use tag time to calculate the AOA. My deployment scenario constrains that the system accuracy can be high to few meters. ALL calculation can be done at basestation .

  1. May i know if that a possibility or my dreams are too ambitious?
  2. What would be a good stating point to start?

A time based angle of arrival system is possible using two independent receivers. You need a far large baseline than for phase difference, in fact the further apart the better. And you also need to solve for the time difference between the two receivers. Ideally they will be using the same clock source but you can use different clock sources for each as long as you have some means to synchronise between them and allow for their running at different speeds.

So all possible but but trivial.