Compiling TWR_DEMO for STM32F429_NUCLEO.


I have tried to load the binary in the evaluation board and the result has been good.

However, trying to compile the sources in the “STM32CubeIDE” environment fails to generate a properly running binary.

To start with, I import the project as “Makefile project” and select the option: “Generate Makefiles automatically”. I have also included the necessary “*.h”.

In the part of the LWIP sources I get errors for not finding the file “bootload.h” (in the PDF “SW-DW3000-TWR-demo.pdf” there is talk of a folder “src/boot” that does not exist in the example…)

Removing the sources part of LWIP, I manage to compile but then the executable doesn’t work correctly like the original binary…

Please, any ideas on how to properly compile the “twr_demo” project in the “STM32CubeIDE” environment?

Thank you and greetings.