Compatibility of MDEK1001 with NFC and BLE applications apart from UWB

Hello Decawave support / development team,

We are basically evaluating three wireless technologies namely UWB, NFC and BLE (specifically 5.2) and their interoperability with each other.

Hence we are looking for a kit that will support all these technologies. Basically MDEK1001 supports UWB. Are we able to evaluate BLE and NFC using this kit?

The module incorporates the Nordic Semiconductor NRF52832 IC providing Bluetooth connectivity. Hence I suppose BLE applications could be evaluated.

For NFC applications, if you suggest any NFC antenna kit / module as a daughter card for connection to the main kit, It will be helpful too. As same NRF52832 IC supports NFC (As a listener or TAG mode)

Prathamesh Soman