Comparison chart for DWM versions?

Is there a comparison chart available to show differences between DWM1000, DWM1000C and DWM1004?

Not sure which would suit my application best.

Looking for a simple solution for location of Tags where I can install 16 anchors where the module could be used for either Tag or anchor and I presume the bluetooth can be switched off.

I just need a Tag to be able to determine its location quickly and spit the coordinates out serial port to my host processor. There could be up to 20 Tags and like update time for any given Tag < 200ms.


The DWM1001C or more specifically the MDEK1001 Kit would be your best starting point.

DWM1001C is a certified module, Nordic nRF52832 MCU with BLE, software supplied is a TWR RTLS Stack (called PANS)

DWM1004C is a certified module with STM M0+ designed for TDoA tag applications, software supplied is TDoA tag code

DWM1000 is a RF only module, not MCU. Software drivers for STM available


Thanks Kenneth
Does this come Blank, or does it have the API commands ready to go to set up as Anchor or Tag and to output Location?
My application will have a number of anchors and the Tags just need to send location via uart to another micro controller. I will not be using Bluetooth etc.