Communication between two listener

Hey All,

I am having an issue where two different listeners are not able to communicate among themselves.
I have a setup where I have 5 anchors in a room and 2 tags. Moreover I have two tags setup as listeners. Total 9 hardware.

Now I have rasp 3b connected to both the listeners. I can see the data of two tags in the terminal through both the listeners. Now if I take listener-1 out of the range of tags, but in the range of the listener-2 (at this time, listener-2 is still getting data of the listener), am not getting any data in listener-1.

Is there any way through which I can data from one listener to another?

Use case : Let’s say I have an area of 2000 sq m, and I have listeners at regular interval, how can I get location of one tag which is at another end with the listener which is equipped with rasp on another end.


Hi Driftking,

The listener cannot hear to each other. A listener will only “listen” to tags and anchors.

In order to cover the full area, you need to deploy a grid of listener, each of them will need a raspberry pi.

In the release 2 to come, we introduce the concept of gateway and routing anchors (anchor able to hop data back to the gateway) which reduces the number of raspberry pi (the gateway is some kind of super-listener).But you will still need more than one gateway (and so raspberry pi) within the system.

Let me know if you have any question,

Thanks Yves for the update.

Any news on when release 2 is rolling out?


We’re getting closer on the release 2, it should be released soon but I don’t have an exact estimate at the moment.

Thank you,