Communication between a smartphone and a DWM1001

I am working on DWM1001 with PANS.
I am trying to data exchange between an mobile application operating on android smartphone and a simple application implemented using PANS.
The data I want to exchange is user-specific data (for example, accelerometer value sensed in the smartphone).
Is is possible?
I think a smartphone and a DWM1001 node can be connected and communicated via BLE.
Or, Serial communication is also possible.
Am I right?


Hi Seungbeon,

Regarding communication between a phone and the dwm1001, maybe take a look at the Android DRTLS source code (provided on decawave website).

For the BLE connection, look at the BLE api in the firmware api guide (section 7). Currently, it is not possible to send custom data over BLE. The BLE can be used to retrieve position from the tag.