Communicate Arduino with EVB1000

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[color=#000000][size=x-large][font=Calibri, Helvetica, sans-serif]I would like to ask whether or not it is possible to communicate the DW1000 embedded in EVB1000 with an Arduino?[/font][/size][/color]

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Hi Niq,

Yes you can. See attached a description. This description is also included in the EVK user manual Section 8 APPENDIX 1.


Hi Leo,

Thanks for the response. However, I have gone through one of the documents in which I cannot remember which one. But it says I need a JTAG link to connect to external microcontroller. If that is the case? I dont have one, can I just connect it to Arduino by just using jumper wires?


Hi ,
I tried to recall what document that could be.
Anyways, the JTAG can be connected to the EVK/TREk boards using the standard 20-PIN JTAG connector on the board (J4). This connector is used for software update/ debugging and more,
Connecting the EVB1000 to an external MCU is done using J6 See EVK user manual (or info I sent you) and schematic. And yes you can use jump wires. The shorter the better.

Hi Leo,

I have tried connecting Arduino with DW1000 embedded in EVB1000 but when I tried to do basic connectivity test to get at least message received from the dw1000, no output is provided. And, I am not sure by the meaning of “the user should solder a jumper or a 0 Ohm resistor to R41 and R43.”

The above connection I said earlier was connected according to the TREK1000 User Manual and Arduino pins for SPI connection.


in order to connect external SPI+I/O you need to solder one 0 ohm resistor on EVB board, since IRQ pin from DW1000 is not connected to the socket of EVB board (and R41 for Wake Up also),
Further more , please check our debugging application note APS022 to verify if SPI is OK and for the status the of the device