Commissioning Issue In QPG6105 Matter - Setup

Hi Guys
Just recently we started settingup up matter environment using below setup

a. QPG6105 with Matter light application
b. OpenThread Border-router QPG7015M
c. POSIX-CLI chip tool
d. Environment: Ubuntu 22

We are facing issue in the commissioning part of the setup and not sure if it’s issue with the matter node (QPG6105) or with the Border router.

Below i am attaching the screenshot of the QPG6105 matter node and also the progress we’ve done so far in the format of excel. Please give us some insights on setting up qorvo border router.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @blessendanielraj
this support forum is related to Qorvo UWB devices. Im not sure if here is anybody who will help you with the QPG7015M.