Command 'nmt' and 'les' don't operate

I followed MDEK1001 Kit User Manual provided by decawave site.
I installed driver and Tera term program and type command nmt.
But nmt command doesn’t seem to work normally.
Nothing happen, when I press return key twice.(It show only @@)
It show inital message ‘DWM1001 TWR Real …’, when I press return key several times(over the twice).
But I can’t use les command also.
How can I use les command?

Set the baud rate to 115200 and enter ‘Enter’ twice.

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Thank you for answering!
System didn’t working also even if I set rate 115200 and type nmt and enter enter twice as you advise. :frowning:
I can see only ‘dwm>nmt’ stopped message…

after sending ‘nmt’ it will stop. That is correct. Actually, nmt is the command to configure the module as a Tag. you have to reset the tag to start work as a Tag.

To make sure the UART shell mode is working, after sending ‘Enter’ twice, provide ‘si’ command. For more details you can refer the DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf.

You can use Decawave Android App to configure the modules as Anchors and tags to realize the RTLS application.

Android APK is a part of PANS R2. you can freely download from Decawave website.


Try to use android mobile to config the anchor and tag first

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Hi All,

the nmt configures the node to Tag in Responsive mode and will reset it automatically. No need to reset it manually.

To get into shell you need to press Enter twice within 1s. You probably had a longer space between the Enter characters.