CLE Installation on Linux


I would need to receive some detailed information regarding the installation of the TTK1000 RTLS system for linux.
Specifically, from the official DECAWAVE documentation, the compatibility for installing CLE in a linux environment is as follows:

Debian: Debian 9 Stretch
Debian 10 Buster
Ubuntu: Ubuntu ~ 16.04.10

The 3rd party LGPL libraries:

The Armadillo development library.
Avahi-compat dns_sd library.

So, I tried to install the CLE on an ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop virtual machine, and the installation was successful, including the armadillo and avahi library.
Once the CLE starts, and also the rtls controller (configured correctly with the anchor units), it happens that at some point the CLE goes down with this error:


The virtual machine runs on a VMWARE environment, with 8GB of ram, 120GB of disk and 8vCPU, is it possible that there is some specific setting for linux? Is it possible to install it on a newer version of Ubuntu?

Thank you

If you have an Eval license CLE is only in binary. You need a full license to have source codes and compile it for your Linux.perhaps your binary of CLE are 32-bit variant and may not work on 64-bit, or vice verso.