Clarification for DWM1001 programming

I am wanting to program and debug code in the DWM1001 and want to ensure my understanding is correct.
Firstly, I can use the DWM1001-Kit for prototyping and testing ideas via USB connection and onboard j-Tag?

For my custom design where I have a DWM1001 on a board with a host micro controller (Only because I am not get familiar with the processor in the DWM1001). I can program the sample code (like SS-TWR int and responder) using JTAG connection to say Seeger J-Link debugger and Seeger Embedded Studio?

I can also use serial link between my host and the DWM1001 to access the PANS API?
If I have programmed the device already with demo code like SS-TWR and want to play with the Pans API, do I need to reflash the device with the Pans firmware?


Hi @dhuis19 ,

Were you able to successfully program the DWM1001 with the host uC ? Can you share your custom design?