CIR update rate by Decaranging for EVK1000

Hello everyone,

I need your help with the CIR collection from EVB1000 links. Here is my experiment setup:

  • I am using EVK1000 kit with one board configured as the anchor and connected to PC via USB, the other board is configured as tag.

  • Decaranging.exe is installed in the PC and can successfully log the CIR information from the board configured as the anchor.

However, Decaranging allows to collect about 4 or 5 CIR samples per second (each has length of 1016 under 64MHz PRF). But this update frequency is too low for my project, I may need get 20 CIR samples per second at least. I am wondering what can I do to achieve a higher CIR update rate? Does Decaranging application allows to do that?

Thank you for your help.