CIR threshold of undetected early path

CIR threshold of undetected early path

Jun 10

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Jun 10

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application: workspace recognition system based on UWB technology with the DWM1001C.

For this I use the dwm1001-example code from github (

I’m currently working on the detection of NLOS scenarios by using the APS006 Part 3 Application Note.

To look for an undetected early path as shown in chapter 5.3 I extracted and plotted the CIR-Data from the accumulator.

Now I want to read the used noise threshold by multiply the STD_NOISE from Register 12:00 and NTM from Register 2E:0806 as also shown in chapter 5.3 of the APS006 Part 3 Application Note.

But there is another way to get the noise threshold by reading out the LDE_THRESH from the Sub-Register 2E:0000 as shown in the DW1000 User Manual in chapter

So I read the threshold by using both ways and got different values as you can see in the picture below (LOS measurement).

see attached pic
CIR threshold

Could you please help me to find out the right noise threshold I can use for the process of looking for an undetected early path?