Choosing Between DWM1000 and DWM3000 for RTLS Development and Accessing CIR Data

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I’m deciding between the DWM1000 and DWM3000 modules for writing my own RTLS. I also need to obtain Channel Impulse Response (CIR) data. Which module is better for this purpose, and is it possible to access CIR data through the API? Any samples or guides available?


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I can’t comment on the API itself as I’ve never worked with it directly, but can comment on the different modules. The DWM1000 is based on the raw DW1000 IC while the DWM3000 is based on the DW3000 IC.
Stating the DW3000 manual:

Another point that isn’t stated in the manual is that on the DW1000, you had to compensate for the power that a frame got received with, as the receiver detects a frame (and thereby sets the timestamp) earlier when the frame signal is stronger.
This compensation is now done on the DW3000 itself, which is another improvement over the DW1000.

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As Fhilb indicated the two are very similar, they are both in effect a bare DW1000/3000 chip with an antenna and the required external parts connected together. Both require to drive them over SPI, the exact details of the protocol over SPI is slightly different but essentially the same.

The DW3000 has the advantages that it is a newer part and so lower power, a few new features etc… The only significant downsides are that the user manual for the DW1000 has less gaps than the one for the DW3000 and the lack of support for the 4 GHz channels which tend to give slightly better range (at least they do when not swamped by a 5G phone signal).

There is a driver / API package available for both, the API is very similar with a few minor changes to support the two different parts. The latest DW3000 drivers are closed source which can limit your choice of platform however there is source available for an older version which is what most 3rd party systems (e.g. the esp32 and arduino drivers) are based on.

CIR data is available on either device with about the same ease of access.

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