Characteristics of development kit QM33120WDK1


I would like to ask about the development kit QM33120WDK1.

-Is it nowadays the most “user-friendly” UWB product by Qorvo? Is it close to plug-and-play as the old Decawave EVK1000?
-Does it allow running in a PC, with the aid of a Windows software such as the old DecaRanging? (I guess with wider functionality?)
-Is Qorvo working in any forthcoming new kit even closer to the EVK1000 style, for example with a display to show distance measurements or other type of measurements? I have in mind dissemination of UWB ranging capabilities to non-specialized public, who would appreciate seeing measurement values in a display or similar. Or is the QM33120WDK1 the most user-friendly UWB product we can expect?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @EMA ,

The QM33 SDK is containinig 2 different builds:

1/ CLI (Command Line interface) build:

  • This build provides an easy way to send and receive commands.
  • And you can set the board as Initiator or Responder in FiRa ranging session.

2/ UCI (Ultra wide band command interface) build

  • This is compatible build with FiRa Packet formats.
  • It also comes with a python script to launch a FiRa session as a Controller/Initiator or Controlee/Responder.
  • It also comes with a Windows Software “Qorvo one”, which you can use to have ranging and Angle between 2 devices.

I would say, there will not be other kits with a display showing distance measurments as in EVK1000.

Hope it helps,

¡Thank you very much!