Channel switching to track over 150Hz

I’m looking for a way to use TWR on DWM1001 and track over 150Hz divided amongst ~40 tags in a roughly 30x60m area. I’ve been reading documents, trying to think of a solution and noticed this:

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Co-existence consists in sharing the resources between the neighbor networks.

For example if two networks share the same space, then on can have a total of 15 tags at 10 Hz shared by those two networks and similarly a total of 30 anchors shared by those two networks.

The frame filtering is performed with regards to the PanId but there is a synchronization mechanism between networks as well to make sure there is no collision.

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My question is could I achieve greater than 150Hz by creating two overlapping networks with one set of Anchors/Gateways using the standard channel 5 and change firmware on the set of anchors / gateway & half tags to use say channel 2 for the other network? If so, any issues to be aware of?

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Hi Mike,

Channel cannot be changed with PANS, it is set to CH5. Also DWM1001 hardware is optimized for channel 5 (more specifically the antenna).

PANS tag capacity is 150Hz. If you wish to track 40 tags, the best update rate per tag will be 2Hz (so one update every 500ms).

In theory your suggestion could work (work two coexistent network with two different channel) but it is not so straightforward. Apart from the fast the software does not allow you to change channel, there is a very slight possibility of collision between devices running at CH2 and others devices running at CH5. That could potentially create dysfunction within the system. Please note this is very but have been observed in the past.


there is a possibility of collision between devices running at CH2 and others devices running at CH5

how’s that possible? I thought you’d be save to use these two channels in parallel because the frequency band of the two mentioned channels does not overlap?

Hi Looki,

Well let’s say it is extremely unlikely, but we have observer that the device receiver could potentially be enabled by CH2 frame when configured in CH5. This could be due to out of the band emission for exampe, and is very rare.

We have CH2 and CH5 network running in parallel and the office and they work well.

I will change my initial message to highlight the fact it’s a rare behavior.


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