Channel scan mode


I was wondering if DW1000 has the capability of channel scanning and reporting something like the energy level observed on the channel. I know DW1000 is capable of generating a continuous wave, but is there any continuous listen mode too?
I wanted to see if it is possible to measure the channel noise or possibility of overhearing packets transmitted on other channels or with different configurations.
The only way I found so far is if there is a back-to-back sequence of packets sent by another transmitter, probably we can see effect of noise on CIR, but is there any other way?

Thank you

No. DW1000 does not have a channel scan function.

The best you could do is to enable the receiver (with a PTO) and then if preamble is detected you can assume there are frames in the air, otherwise no frames currently in the air.

DW1000 diagnostic registers will only report noise, etc. once preamble is detected and CIR starts accumulating samples.

You can only sniff/listen on the current DW1000 configuration.