Change message to mqtt

Hi all,
I´m new in DecaWave so sorry beforehand in case that this question is naive.

I would like to send to the MQTT the range (or distance) from the tag to the web server. I have already checked the new version (congrats for this) and I haven´t found it in the new features.

So, is it possible to change the message on the MQTT or in the Listener in order to send the distance?

Thanks in advance,

hi Iraldu / C., welcome!

it is possible to send 34 bytes of data from the Tag to the Bridge/Gateway/brooker, the content is completely up to you.
That means to have anything inside the MQTT- message, you need code on the Tag (i.E. a firmware) to write it in there.( see documentation: )
Check out the Examples, especially the precompiled
“dwm-range-iot”- example (send “0x0f” as an iot-message to a tag, and get 1000(0) distances back) might do what you want.


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Thanks a lot! I think it is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: