Change Anchor / Tag configuration via MQTT

Hi Folks,

does someone know the right syntax to change a Tag or Anchor configuration via MQTT, e.g. to

  • set the position of an Anchor
  • switch BLE on or of
  • change Tag timing

My background is:
I allready have an up and running environment, can read all config/status/position/data uplink messages, can send data messages to the right downlink topic …
And i know (or strongly believe) it must be possible, because it works with the Web UI via JavaScript.

So the question is (or seems to be) simple: Do i have to send the same data packages that i got via uplink to the corresponding downlink topic or ist ther something extra to take care about?

Thanks in advance for any usefull hint saving me hours with try an error… :wink:

I found it out by myself.
In case, someone else wants to know, how this works, here are examples:

Tag Config:
Destination: dwm/node/8f27/downlink/config
Payload: {“configuration”:{“label”:“DW8F27”,“leds”:true,“nodeType”:“TAG”,“uwbFirmwareUpdate”:false,“ble”:false,“tag”:{“locationEngine”:true,“responsive”:true,“stationaryDetection”:true,“nomUpdateRate”:500,“statUpdateRate”:5000}}}

Anchor Config:
Destination: dwm/node/89b7/downlink/config
Payload: {“configuration”:{“label”:“DW89B7”,“leds”:true,“nodeType”:“ANCHOR”,“uwbFirmwareUpdate”:false,“ble”:false,“anchor”:{“routingConfig”:“ROUTING_CFG_OFF”,“initiator”:false,“position”:{“x”:0.05,“y”:3.5,“z”:2.1,“quality”:100}}}}


Thanks for the update !