Cases with dwm1001


I’ve been working with dwm1001 for a while. And have got several cases which usually happens. Maybe you can help me.

Case 1 (tag is not seen by a listener)

  1. I have a system with PANid = 0002 in my office.


  1. I’ve got tag (333c) and changed it PANid from 0001 to 0002


  1. I checked if it could see any anchors


It could.
5. I have done several resets and several factory resets, but it still is not visible for my listener. It’s seen by my phone. What can I do?
6. Listener settings.


CASE 2 (many problems with dwm)

  1. I have mdek module (147b). It has been working for a long time (1 month).
  2. Once I couldn’t connect to it by means of any interfaces and it like disappeared. Than sth happened to firmware. It has got id 0000; it couldn’t work and be defined by listener.
  3. After a while it repaired (somehow) and returned to it previous working state.
  4. I turned it off yesterday.
  5. Today I wanted to check it. It’s defined as COM port but Enter/double enters didn’t work. I turned it off again.
  6. I turned it on after 30 minutes. Now it’s answering me. But it still can’t be seen by Listener.


  1. What is the problem? Why has it happened and why listener doesn’t see it.

CASE 3 (dwm1001 are seen only after rebooting a listener)

  1. Everything became well after I made listener Reboot.


  1. Should I Reboot listener every time If I want to see a tag? Looks like not normal thing.
    CASE 4 (not answerind via COM)
  2. I connect to device. Com port is defined. But I Cannot connect to it (speed is 115200).
  3. After a while/many tries it’s connected and can be configured.
  4. It’s a common situation. What should I do to decrease an amount of this situations?

CASE 5 (BLE problems)

  1. I have 6 devices. All of them have ble on. But 1 of them can’t be seen by my phone
  2. I start to configure the system using phone. Another device becomes invisible for me
  3. I connect to it via TeraTerm. It can’t be connected
  4. Atfer a while/many tries it’s connected. I make factory reset.
  5. Everything is fine.
  6. Why did it crash while I was configuring it via BLE?