can't get uart shel mode working

I have a MDEK1001 kit. I don’t have a 6.0+ andriod phone.

I did manage to borrow the android 6 phone and seem to set anchors and tag up but I couldn’t get RTLS manager working.

I plugged in one anchor to the USB and tried connecting at 115200 with an arduino serial monitor but no response after 3 carrage returns.

Actual I did get some “@” pop up. So I think the baudrate may be off.

Would be nice to have some python code.

This is getting very frustrating.

Please help

Hi robogrow,

If the device is answering “@”, it means you are in UART generic mode, it’s not a baudrate issue.

The character to be sent is : “\r”. You have to send it twice, and not thing else have to be sent within a second.

The DWM1001 should answer with “dwm >” and other information text.

Let me know how it goes,