Can't get D type flip flop working

Are there any tips and tricks I’m not aware of for using flip flops, especially D_type in my case? I can’t get any meaningful output…I’m attempting to create two 50% square waves from a clock source. I’ve also tried different combinations of bias on Preset and Clear inputs, and various RC initialization type arrangements on these pins to no avail. Any help appreciated. I have a feeling I’m doing something obviously wrong

your clr = 1 all the time and pre = 1 too ,just get a truth table

It seems that, unlike the 74HC74, the “PRE” and “CLR” pins are active high.
Therefore, you need to set these pins to low

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Or maybe the power supply is just not connected?

Thank you all for the replies. I actually made the mistake of having a node named '“a” in a different part of the circuit. Should have used Q. Sorry to waste your time, but I will say that I have used other simulators where case sensitivity wasn’t an issue. Anyways, I’m not going to try and save face too much on this one. Thanks again