Can't build DWM3001CDK with Segger Embedded Studio


I’ve found this SDK for DWM3001CDK DWM3001CDK DK Software, Sources, Tools and Developer Guide but I’m not able to build the project DWM3001CDK-DW3_QM33_SDK_CLI-FreeRTOS using SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
Release 7.32.

I’ve already checked the DWM3001CDK_SDK_Developer_Guide document trying to find any clue, but with no luck.

Once I start the build process, building stops with “deprecated_definitions.h: No such file or directory” although the file do exist in the same directory of portable.h

Please advise what could be the problem.


Hi @ahmedmoheb ,

I think this problem is related to your long path.
Try to move the SDK to another directory, where you’ll have shorter path and build again.

Hope it helps,

Hi @Wassim_Qorvo

Thanks for your reply.

I think you may be right, but I found that relative paths for the SDK files aren’t working as expected and by switching to absolute paths I was able to build the project.

So, I edited the project include paths from