Cannot build example

It is really ironic that Qorvo provides a software package that does not compile out of the box.
Note: I downloaded 17.0.2 nrf sdk as per found in the sdk folder.

First issue, I faced was that __vprintf does not exist. I solved it removing the SEGGER_RTT_Syscalls_SES.c file. Now the program compiles while all the examples are disabled.

Now, I want to read the device id to ensure that device is working. Therefore, I go to example_selection.h and uncomment the 1st example which is “TEST_READING_DEV_ID” and then I try to build it again. This time again it does not compile with the following errors:

Hi @dirtyv ,

This comes from the version of Segger embedded studio you’re using.
Please use for instance SES 5.60a and everything should be okay.
Keep me updated if you still have problems in the build process.


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I agree with wassim. Would love to get an update on your project.