Can we use multiple DSAs on a single serial control interface bus?

I am using 3 qty of RFSA3513 for a poc project.
My question is about using 3x RFSA3513 on a single Serial Control Interface bus.
What type of precautions/sequence I do need to follow for using multiple DSAs on the same bus.

We have kept the Letch Enable pin to separate for all RFSA3513 & kept SI , clock common.
Is this configuration correct ?
If not, Plz suggest the correct configuration.


This component in not supported in this section dedicated to UWB components, so we have not the knowledge to support you properly. You can try to ask your sales representative ( Contact a Qorvo Sales Representative - Qorvo ) or your distributor.

Hi @simon.desfarges ,

This attenuation part is related to wireless, while we understand that this is posted under UWB, but we are unable to find the specific topic related to attenuator, and we already posted at Qorvo sales as well but we got no response, I believe someone from the forum can help us resolve our query better and faster.

please suggest related forum/topic of qorvo to ask this question.