Can we switch-off autoscale in viewer?

Hi all, does somebody know if it is possible to stop the waveform viewer from auto scaling?
After every run I lose my carefully formatted scales and grids!

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in waveform viewer, save your plot config (Ctrl-S or File > Save Config).
after simulation, press spacebar to reload config.
can this solve your problem?

you can save multiple plot config, but spacebar only re-load config with name same as .qsch
you need File > Open Config File to load other

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Hi Kelvin, yes this works great for me, thanks!

I just registered because I had the same question, and then found out it’s already asked. :slight_smile:

Or maybe just partly…
I did save the .pfg file with the same name, but after running the second .step iteration, the autoscaling kicks in again.
Pressing spacebar works, but IMHO you’d want to have the .pfg loaded at the end of all iterarions, right?

If you close the waveform viewer before you run next simulation, you will get update with plot config loaded together after simulation. Unfortunately, it still need an extra click, only this is before rerun simulation. Really not sure this is design intention or not.

It seems the space-bar trick only works for .pfg’s with the same name as sim file.
When I save several different .pfg-settings and load one of them, the spacebar reloads the one with the sim name…
Would be nice if it reloads the last loaded .pfg!

KSkelvin, just saw you mentioned this already, sorry for the double!

I agree: it would be helpful if plot scales could be fixed instead of autoscaling. Autoscaling can be confusing and annoying, and the plotfile+spacebar approach does not stop it completely.

@Mike: can we voice feature requests here?
Maybe something like a “pinning” button could be provided to fix the current scale settings? It could be automatically disabled by default on the initial run, so the current behavior would not change unless the user wants it.

Hi, certainly agree on that, would be a very nice feature.
A button will also not take your eyes away from the work!