Can we Flash a new single DWM1001 by using Junction in MDEK1001?

Hello all,

I just bought a DWM1001 unit, previously I already had MDEK1001.

can I program/FLASH the new DWM1001 by connecting the wire to the junction that is available on MDEK1001??

what I think is:

  1. unsolder the following junction:
    (J18: SWCLK),
    (J17: SWDIO),
    (J5: LEDs ??),
    (J3: 3V4)

  2. Connect the pins of new DWM1001 (single unit) to T … which is in the back part of MDEK1001:
    (TP3: 3V4_Segger),
    (TP4: SWDIO_OB),
    (TP5: #RESET_OB),
    (TP6: SWCLK_OB),
    (TP7: GND)

I previously read that I could program the DWM1001 using J-Link BASE, because the DWM1001 is NRF-based …,J-Link BASE Classic (8.08.00) - SEGGER U.S. Web Shop

but I don’t have this tool and if I buy it takes time and money,

thank you in advance,
Best Wishes.

Do you really want to do that? The DWM1001-DEV, what you are showing in the picture, has a J-Link On board!
Just plug into the USB port and on your PC you will be able to use J-Flash tool to program. J-Flash comes with the Segger J-Link pacakge avaialbe for free from the website. So n need for a separate J-Link BASE or otherwise.

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oh sorry for misunderstanding Mr.Kenneth.

The MDEK1001 what I mean is DWM1001-DEV, I just open it up then this is how the inside looks like

the thing that I want to FLASH/Program is the single unit of DWM1001 Module, like this:

I have two single unit of DWM1001, and I have one MDEK1001(/DWM1001-DEV), But I don’t have portable J-Link
that’s why I thought that I could program a single unit of DWM1001 using DWM1001-DEV which already has J-Link on board - but I’m not sure how to do it :sweat_smile:

Yes, it is of course possible!
there is a thread or two on this
Eg: Mininum pins to enable DWM1001