Can TWR Demo be used with multiple anchors?

Hi all,

Can the Decawave TWR demo code be run with multiple anchors? Is there any provision for time-multiplexing or filtering tag-anchor messages by anchor node number? Or is the demo purely for a one-to-one scenario?

I’m running the twr_demo code on DW3000 with nRF52840. (I’m actually using Murata’s Type2AB eval boards which have two antennas, so I’m getting nice PDOA readings. These have been great so far and they come with good documentation.)

My trouble is that there doesn’t seem to be any time-based or ID-based mechanisms for preventing multiple anchors from trying to talk to the same tag. Things work great with 1 anchor / 1 tag, and then as soon as another anchor enters the picture, distance measurements are garbage and lots of messages are lost. To be expected I guess if there’s no filtering.

Does anyone know if the TWR code allows for use of multiple anchors? The code is really well developed and includes options for configuring pretty much every conceivable setting over UART … so it just seems like there should be an obvious solution.