Can "Text/Comment" support Chinese/UTF8?

Hi all,

This is a wish list.
I hope that “Text” or “Comment” can support Chinese or UTF8 charateristics.
Since I input below text
“This is a Text”

than I got something like this

and Qspice is a great job, thanks a lot to Mike and Qorvo.



When I implemented that ability in LTspice, I got a lot of complaints. Most people wanted ASCII netlists and they were very vocal about it.

But myself, I’ve always felt it’s not too much to ask to be able to use one’s own local character set. It’s kind of what computers are about.

So, I made it so that comments on schematics may now include Chinese(or any other living language) character. But nets, component values, etc., are still extended ASCII(Windows-1252) as are the netlists.

This was a fairly massive edit. Please let me know if I corrupted anything.




Work well with various comment format with both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.



Nice! So the UTF-8 BOM is in effect up to the closing quotes (or potentially any other BOM), or to EOL?

Emoticons in the BMP (:frowning: :smiling_face: :slight_smile:) seem to work as well (but not the ones in the SMP:
no :cat: :smiley_cat: :joy_cat: :smiley_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :smirk_cat: :kissing_cat: :pouting_cat: :crying_cat_face: :scream_cat:):


Hi Mike,

Realy thanks a lot.
It is realy help a lot that one can use his familiar language to comment or note on a design schematic.

Actually, I would believe a designer will note his design very carefully and won’t let the comments to affect netlist.
And Yes, what we need is just like KSKelvin’s example.
Thanks @KSKelvin.

As to the netlist, a designer realy likes a readable netlist.
So, if it’s possible we can display UTF8 in netlist?

Oh, I found that there is a “” (sorry, I don’t know how to type this character), before “.tran”.
I believe we don’t need that.

Thanks again, really appreciate.

Sorry, my bad.
after I rewrite “.tran” statement, that “ÿ” disappeared.