Can Qorvo supply a version of the dwm3001cdk firmware that let you name anchors for ble?

The DWM1000 let you assign device name for BLE that show up in BLE cache. Can Qorvo add a means of either modifying a address location in the firmware file or modify the firmware to add a BLE name after the firmware is loaded either through j20 or j9 USB ports.

I am sure lots of your customers are frustrated in not have a constant unique identifier for writing location apps on the iPhone. Apple hides the actual MAC address. So each iPhone assigns a different UUID to the same Qorvo anchor. Currently, all tags showup as DMW3001CDK.

I cannot verify but should be like below:


instead of ble_init((char*)BoardName);

write the following

char unique_name[32];
snprintf(sizeof(uinque_name), unique_name, “%s %08x”, (char*)BoardName, NRF_FICR->DEVICEADDR[0]);

good luck!