Can not connect the jLinkRttViewer between my pc and DWM3000EVB attach to nRF52840DK

hello :slight_smile:
i successfully and already tested ranging the Qorvo download demo code with nearby interaction framework to range iPhone11 last year and also display the result ranging on the jLinkRttViewer as figure below

however since this year, i have problem that my pc can not find or connect to the nRF52840dk on jLinkrttViewer to upload or erase the binary file of .hex nRF52840DK

and i could not open the file .emProject from embbed segger studio to see the demo code

last year , i could do well or jLink connection but this year i did not why it stop working

please let me how to fix it

ok , i already fixed it , just turn on some switch then i got back the distance report from jLinkRttviewer again and already open .emProject on embed segger studio :slight_smile:

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