Can I remotely control?


I have two questions.

  1. The tag with RESPONSIVE MODE turned off may take 6 to 8 seconds to enter the low power mode. Can I adjust this time out time?

  2. Can I remotely control the GPIO of the tag? Tag is still in low power mode because the response mode is turned off and the BT_WAKE_UP switch is not pressed. Therefore, Bluetooth is not connected, and I want to control the GPIO with no BT_WAKE_UP.


Hi yhyun,

  1. I’ve tried to turn off RESPONSIVE MODE through BLE and it only took ~1s. When trying to configure the node through Android app, the Android app sends the command and then reads back the configuration to confirm that the settings have taken effect. If the node/tag is on the list but currently not connected to the Android app, it takes a bit more time to build the connection first. Other than that, any interference in the BLE environment may affect the time taken.

  2. No you cannot manipulate the GPIOs through BLE. There’s no BLE API to do so.

Hi, Pan.

  1. This is not the time to turn off the response mode, but the time to enter the low power mode from the off state.

  2. I am asking if I can control the GPIO by remote means other than the BLE.


Hi yhyun,

1, I see your point. When trying to set the tag from off status to active, I also see the long period to send such configuration. As previously mentioned, the length of period depends on the BLE status. When there is no BLE connection to the tag for more than 20s, the BLE on the tag goes to sleep and should be waken up by user button or reset. If the BLE is on, the message normally takes only a very short period to take effect.

  1. As I understand, in R1 there’s no remote means to control GPIO.