Can I make tags only report distance to anchors with same network ID?


I have a system with 4 anchors and 2 tags. They all have the same network id.
This works fine, the tags report the distance to the 4 anchors.

Until now I have been under the impression that the tags would only report the distance to the anchors with the same network id. But now I tried to add 4 more anchors, with another network id. Then the tags report the distance from 2 anchors with the first network ID and 2 anchors with the new network ID.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to control which anchors the tags choose to report distance to? (by network id or any other means)

  2. What is the network ID used for?

Best regards

FYI, I am using the DWM1001 module.

Hi Olas,

There was no PanID filtering in the first release. It will come with the version R2 which should be released to customer in the near future (current release target is mid Q2).


hey ola,
i want to know ,how can i get distance using raspi,like how to connect raspi to a tag and with pc,how to use command to get distance,if you know please help me out

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