Can I identify the steps in waveform viewer?

Using the wonderful keyboard reference guide (at, I’ve been playing with all the Waveform Viewer shortcuts in an effort to become a QSPICE Ace. I can move the attached cursors around and jump from one step to another in a stepped simulation, but I don’t see any indication of the number of the selected waveform step, or the values of the stepped parameters related to that step. Is there some way to show those steps and values (or am I just missing something)?

Press F6 to get the Simulation Step Tool. Or right click=>Simulation Step Tool

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I have been using the simulaton step tool, but I was hoping for something more. The tool allows me to select a step (or steps) to be displayed. If I have the cursors enabled (by double-clicking on the waveform names) and I can jump from one step to the next (using the arrow keys), On complex (crowded) waveform displays, I get confused by trying to count traces to see which step waveform I’m on. It would be nice to know the step number (or numbers on multiple step sweeps), along with the values of the swept variables.,
The bottom of the waveform display shows the deltas, while the cursor values show along the axes. When the cursors are near each other, the values become unreadable. Could the ccursor values be displayed at the bottom of the waveform diplay (along with the deltas), and maybe the step information too?