Can DWM1001C be configured with bluetooth?

Hi, I have been testing the MDEK kit and now planning on using just the DWM1001C chip as a tag (because need to make it smaller). Is it sufficient to just provide the regulated power and then configure it with bluetooth? I tried that and I can’t detect the device using the DRTLS android app.

The DWM1001C parts are shipped from the factory blank, have you programmed the device?

Oh I assumed they were preprogrammed like the MDEK kit (PANS). On the other hand I also tried a module from the DWM1001 dev board and after desoldering I could communicate through bluetooth, but didn’t get any tracking updates. Also the listener didn’t pick it up.

On your carrier board, have you check the supply. Take a look at the recommended DC-DC mentioned in here

The power supplied seems to be fine. I have a 5V power supply regulated down to 3.3V on an LDO. I would like to confirm that eventually, while programmed and powered, the DWM1001C doesn’t need to be connected with any components of the original development board. Thanks for previous comments!

Using a better, switching regulator did help and the module is running fine now. Thank you!