Can DWM1001 module be detected by Decawave DRTLS Manager?

Hello all,

Sorry that I have a stupid question to ask, as stated in the title, can DWM1001 module be detected by Decawave DRTLS Manager, instead of MDEK1001?
What is included in the firmware of DWM1001 module? I mean MDEK1001 is just DWM1001+programer+battery right? So is it true that DWM1001 can be used just the same as the MDEK1001 in the DRTLS Manager?

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Lucas Tan

Yes, assuming the DWM001 module is correctly powered and programmed, it will be detected by the Android App (DRTLS Manager).

By simply flash the DWM1001 with
is it “correctly programmed” to be detected by the Android App?
Or does the DWM1001 shipped with preloaded firmware already? Its a bit unclear since I have seen someone stating that DWM1001 does not come with preloaded firmware yet in the datasheet it says the opposite.

See the latest DWM1001 DS. The DWM1001 are programmed with the code mentioned in your post (aka PANS R1). The DWM1001C are blank,