Can DWM1001-DEV / MDEK1001 recharge 16340 Li-ion batteries directly?


I am currently using the MDEK1001 with the DWM1001-DEV boards powered by rechargeable 16340 Li-ion batteries. I see these boards have a charging circuit built in.

Is this only for Li-po batteries on the JST connection, or will it also charge 16340 Li-ion batteries when power is connected through the micro USB port?


I believe I’ve found the answer to my question. It looks like the charging circuit can indeed charge Li-ion batteries.

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Since I stumbled on this post and had the same question when starting with DWM1001 modules let me expand on this.

The “MDEK1001 Quick Start Guide” mentions “3.7V RCR123a” and “16340 rechargeable” batteries as recommended options. So it should be safe to use 16340-Li-ion batteries.

I myself use regular 3.7V Li-Po battery-packs, since you can easily get small packs with 2000mAh+ capacity for ~5$ each.