Can DWM1000 be used as radar?

Hi Everyone,

Please excuse me if I’m being naive. I would like to know if DW1000 can be used a radar system?

I have been successful in detecting objects between two DW1000 sensors. I want to use one dw1000 completely as a transmitter and another one as receiver along with customised antenna for specific beam forming pattern (like the attached picture).

I want to calculate the distance of the obstacle rather than the distance between two sensors.
I want to know if this is possible? Am I missing out something?

Thank you,

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Hi Karthik,
It should be possible to use a pair of DW1000 ICs in a radar system and your concept is correct. Use one DW1000 to transmit, the other to receive and use directional antennas so that you know where the reflection has come from.
Only very basic tests have been done at Decawave but it looks like it’s possible. I think you need to carefully analyse the DW1000 accumulator in different environments and check for reflections, etc. to ensure you can determine the wanted signal component and get accurate distance results. Using directional antennas of course helps attenuate unwanted reflected paths and increases isolation between the transmitter and receiver. It may be helpful to use a metallic shield fence between them.
Good luck with it!