Can BLE and UWB operate at the same time?

I am looking for advice on intermixing UWB TWR and BLE.

My environment is the DWM1001 module using the DW1000 Device Driver API and Nordic SDK (i.e. not using PANS). I am able to do UWB TWR and use BLE separately. Can someone advise if it is important to only use one at a time. How much interference is there between UWB and BLE on the same module? Will a BLE transmit coinciding with a UWB receive work or vice versa? Can I rely on UWB being so quick that collisions are rare and the upper level protocols will retry and recover?

I have tried keeping them apart in time using the Nordic Radio Timeslot API but am finding it very awkward to use. After the first few timeslots I find many of my requests resulting in a NRF_EVT_RADIO_BLOCKED event. The timeslot API is good for requesting timeslots of a given duration with little precision as to exactly when the timeslot starts but it seems poor at allocating a timeslot that has to start with an accuracy of a couple of milliseconds. If it turns out that I don’t have to worry about keeping UWB and BLE apart then that would greatly simplify my code.

How does PANS do this internally?

In my application the DWM1001 modules are peers. There is no split between anchors and tags. Therefore there is no central time co-ordination that could, for example, push all the nodes to allocate half a second for BLE and the other half a second for UWB.