Can a DWM1001 spread its customized user application through UWB/BLE firmware update?


As stated in the topic, may I know if it is possible to update the other original DWM1001 through UWB/BLE firmware update from a DWM1001 that uses the PANS but contains customized user application?
By the way, since all the DWM1001 modules already come with BLE firmware update capabilities, why not develop a software that flashes the DWM1001 with a hex file via bluetooth?

Hi Tasteskym,

Yes it’s possible.

Keep in mind all node across the system must run the same firmware. So that basically mean that within the user app, you’ll have to code each required functionality for each mode (if its a tag, and anchor or a bridge node (coming soon)).

Solely the initiator will have to be flashed manually and then it will propagate through the network.

Regarding your second point, it’s mainly because of time it hasn’t been done. Hopefully some day.