Can 1 Tag have 2 '1 Anchor + 1 Tag mode'?

I want to know that distance and direction of tag and anchor.
But 1 Anchor + 1 Tag mode provide distance only.(As far as I know. If not, please tell me.)
So I check distance and direction with 1 tag and 2 anchors if it can.
Is there any method for using 2 anchors only?(not 4 anchors.)
Thank you.

Hi Sungdong,

Iā€™m not sure I understand, are you trying to to get a position using only one tag and two anchors ?

In order to calculate a position, the tag must range to at least 3 anchors.

I you set up one tag and two anchors, the tag will reports its distance to each anchor but not position. If the tag reports only one distance or less, it means it is not in range with the anchor.

Hope it helps,

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