Calculating the distances between Anchor-Tag

Hi guys, i have a question about the distance calculated.

I do a picture to understand my question. I have my Anchor in (h2+h1) meters from the floor, my Tag in (h2) meters from the floor, so:
A) what is the distance that we see in the Android App (hypotenuse) ?


B) I can change the Z axis from the Anchor but not from the Tag so , If i change the Z axis from the Tag It will be used to calculate the hypotenuse?
C) The app is showing the (1) Hypotenuse or (2) Hypotenuse

PD: i use the command “lep”


The Tag and the Anchor doesn’t know the OBJECT. They only know each other, and the distance in between. Thus it is always calculating the (1) Hypotenuse.

I don’t know how you want to change the Z axis of the Tag. From shell command “aps”? If so, it won’t work. The location of the Tag is derived rather than from user input.

Hope this can help.


Thank you for your help, I did some proves and its (1). I also saw in another post that a good tip is used the Anchors in different heights to have a better result in Z axis.

Hope this post help to another people !