Calculating power levels for paths other than the first path


Is the formula to calculate the first path power level in Section 4.7.1 of the user manual applicable to paths other than the first path?

I would like to calculate the power level in dBm of the peak path at index k = 758 in the CIR shown below (which is NLOS).
Can I substitute F_1, F_2 , F_3 by F_k+3, F_k+2, F_k+1 to calculate the power level in dBm of that specific path?

Anyone? :slight_smile:

An alternative way to ask this question:

  • How do I convert a CIR from the DW1000 into a power delay profile (with appropriate dB values on the y axis)? Thanks.


The CIR amplitude is unitless in this case, however I think it is possible to relate the y-axis value to power level. What I did is following the formula under section 4.7.1: estimating the signal power in the first path from DW1000 User Manual, instead of the sum of square of the first path amplitude, put the square of CIR amplitude here. Then you should get a CIR figure with y-axis in dBm.